2nd Sunday Lunch

Monthly Church Social Gathering

2nd Sunday lunch is casual fellowship and an easy way for new members or visitors to get to know others at church. This brief description will not cover all the details, but suggest basics. How you plan and prepare will depend on your church size and the way your congregation does business, like by committee, etc.

Encourage Fellowship

This is a luncheon that happens once a month, and as the name implies, it is the Second Sunday. Immediately following the last service of the morning, everyone gathers in the fellowship hall for a ready-to-eat buffet lunch. The church provides all the food, tea, coffee, and water. People are welcome to sit where they like, but leaders are encouraged to sit with someone they don’t know.

Tables are decorated with colorful tablecloths and seasonal items. Have plenty of trash cans available for disposal serving products. Have a group ready to take care of leftover food and necessary clean-up.

To help with food and disposable serving product expenses, you may put a donation basket at the beginning of the serving line. From my experience, each person puts in the basket the amount they would normally spend going out for lunch. There are others who will donate $50 to $100 as a love offering to sponsor the event.

Sunday Lunch Menu Ideas

Menu ideas are usually simple, easily made for large groups, and include regional favorites. Sliced BBQ Beef, Frito Pie, Baked Potato Bar, Lasagna, Fried Chicken from a local restaurant, you get the idea. Also, be sure to include dessert selections! Depending on the size of your group, food can be prepared by volunteers in the church or catered.

This event is especially appreciated by older members as they get to fellowship without being out at night or making multiple trips to church. Visitors feel more comfortable in meeting people and newer members have time to establish closer relationships with acquaintances. Leaders may also seem more accessible. I hope you have fun with your Second Sunday Lunches!