4th of July

Celebrating Freedom

What a fun holiday with so many options. You can host a backyard BBQ or attending a small town parade. Relax in the comfort of your air-conditioned living room to watch fireworks on your big screen TV!

For years, one of our favorite 4th of July activities was traveling about 4 hours to a small town here in Texas. They would host a parade followed by a big band in the community amphitheater, with plenty of food vendors offering fun food and treats, ending with a stay at a local bed-and-breakfast. We felt like we were traveling back in time to a simpler way of life. In fact, I think it was these trips that influenced us to move from the big city to a small rural community!

How about a 4th of july block party?

Anyway, back to ideas, how about a block party? Some neighborhoods will allow you to block off a section of the road from traffic, check with your local police department. Set up tables in the middle of the street, get everyone to pitch in with food and drink, or assign a different task to each family. A great way to get to know people around you better. If fireworks aren’t allowed in your city, maybe sparklers, or plenty of glow necklaces and bracelets for everyone.

If you have a major league baseball team in your area, and they are in town for a home game, there are usually fireworks after the game. What a fun, no-preparation-on-your-part way to go out with the family and friends.

However, here in Texas it is pretty hot on the 4th. One year we watched a local fireworks display in our car with the air conditioner on! (Not so fun) But you can always curl up on the sofa and catch fireworks displays from around the world. One year we saw amazing displays from Australia, London, Dubai, and Mount Rushmore, each with a musical soundtrack. Adding the right snacks and beverages makes for a grand celebration while you beat the heat.