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Sharing ways God can be our ultimate Influencer, leaning into His never-ending love and peace.


Bible verses, insightful comments, and little sprinkles of humor to inspire and encourage you.


Little bits of God inspiration for kids to print and color. Perfect for prayer time at home or VBS.



I’m Dana. Just a small-town girl livin’ in a lonely world — wait — sorry — song lyrics going through my head again.* Anyway, I am a regular girl who loves Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit with all my heart. I believe God gave us the Bible to get through life. Easy? NOT easy! But when the world turns upside down, like now, we can read His promises and know we will survive — no, thrive.

*Don’t Stop Believin‘, Journey 1981

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Buy Me A Coffee was developed for creators, not businesses. It’s an easy way to support me and say thanks for my work. For the price of a coffee, I’ll share with supporters my Along the Path journal pages. Designed to coordinate with my weekly blog, the pages include a prayer and space for notes. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to support me*. Thanks for giving me a hug in a mug! 🤗

*Along the Path is also available to all my website subscribers.

Not all THOSE who wAnder are lost.

-J.R.R. Tolkien

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