Arts And Crafts

Creativity Builds Healthy Brains

Doing arts and crafts activities with our hands helps us in so many ways. Mental and physical functions are enhanced and stress is diminished. Many hospitals include Art Therapy in their recovery programs. This involves patients recovering from a full range of challenges from the physical trauma of an accident and chemotherapy, to depression and abusive relationships.

Incorporating arts and crafts at home is important for every member of the family. Being “gifted” at something is not the point. In fact, working with unfamiliar art supplies will encourage growth, experimentation, and being able to move beyond the “perfection” ideology. There is no such thing as failure—only fun!

Routinely schedule time for arts and crafts. Take a trip to the local hobby store and discover something new. Hobby Lobby offers free craft instruction tear sheets on every isle of their store. Don’t have extra money for supplies? Find old books or magazines and collage or try blackout poetry. Find some paper and markers for drawing or doodles.

Always have fun food and drinks on hand. How about a selection of juice boxes and a cereal bar! Have several kinds of cereal and let them make their own mix. How about a fruit bar with add-ins like nuts, marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and sprinkles?

Adding music will take your creative mind to a whole new level. Try different music like Classical, Mariachi, Jazz, Classic Rock, Spa, Frank Sinatra, anything but the usual. I just recently discovered that I really like cello music, who knew?!

You can use homemade paints, molding clay, moon sand, sewing projects from old clothes, and so much more. Expand your mind and your skills with arts and crafts!