Birthday Parties

Everyone Deserves Their Special Day, Their Special Way!

Birthday parties are, well, complicated. They can be simple or extravagant. Party trends change from year to year but, what is most important, is fulling the wishes and expectations of the person you are celebrating!

remember: birthday parties have one star!

Unless you are trying to plan a surprise party, ask that special someone what they would enjoy on their special day. Children always have their own ideas of what would make them happy.

How about a birthday month celebration? I knew a lady that wore a pin that said “Birthday Girl” the whole month of her birthday! Instead of a party, give the birthday person a special treat every day leading up to their birthday. Think of it like a birthday version of an advent calendar at Christmas! Perhaps each treat will be a clue to what surprise may happen on their birthday. Let your creativity run wild.

I enjoy Pinterest because it is easy to find ideas and see some of the originality going on out there. You don’t have to spend a bundle of cash, think outside the gift bag to make a memorable day!