Birthdays Of The Month

Special Recognition for Your Congregation

There are many ways to acknowledge birthdays of the month for members of your congregation, here are a couple of my favorites:

Create a Birthdays of the Month bulletin board at your church, decorated with seasonal colors and details, with a candid photo of each birthday person, listing their name and birth date.

host a birthdays of the month lunch!

Host a Birthdays of the Month luncheon at your church or local cafe. Schedule it at the same time and place every month, for example, on the first Tuesday at 11:00. Everyone that has a birthday that month attends and the church buys their lunch for them. Committees can select hosts that attend every month or choose church staff, like elders, deacons, and the Pastor. This is a great opportunity to get to know people you may not always visit with, and may be the only birthday treat some of your congregation will receive.

Another option could be a Birthdays of the Month coffee break. Much like the luncheon above only hosted at a local coffee shop and the treat is coffee and a pastry. You could translate this idea into individual visits, where church staff get assigned to invite each birthday person out to coffee one on one.

Assign a group, or individuals, the task for creating handmade, personalized birthday cards. Even in this electronic age, everyone still enjoys receiving a surprise in the mail!