Becoming a christian is the work of a moment; being a christian is the work of a lifetime.

-Billy Graham

Cheers fromOxford England

Cheers From Oxford England!

Cheers from Oxford England! Oxford is a little over an hour from Heathrow Airport in London. Founded in 1096, the University of Oxford’s alumni includes 30 international leaders, 28 British Prime Ministers, 160 Olympic medal winners, 50 Nobel Prize winners, 47 Nobel Laureates, 11 saints, along with renowned writers, scientists, and actors.

Choose Peace Motivation

Choosing Peace Series | Motivation

Motivation is a vast subject, and analyzing our internal impulses is a lifelong task. Are we motivated by encouragement or negative circumstances? Is it part of our mental make-up or is it learned? Is our behavior motivated by past experiences, societal pressures, and worldly desires? How do these compare to God’s promises?

Choosing Peace|Promises

Choosing Peace Series | The Promises

Do we imagine God as beautiful and loving, or convicting judge and punisher? When the Bible mentions the fear of the Lord, are we meant to be afraid? Is God watching to catch us breaking His rules so He might unleash His mighty wrath? Or, like a loving Father, are His commands meant to protect and guide us to our best life? To cho

Seeds of Life or Destruction

Seeds of Life or Destruction

A seed doesn’t look like much, yet carries in its tiny being everything needed to grow flowers and fruit. Ideas are like seeds, starting small to produce something larger. Do you plant seeds of life to get beautiful flowers and delicious fruit, or seeds of destruction to get bitter weeds and painful thorns?

This is Not the End of the Story

This is Not the End of the Story

Meet my lovely 81-year-old mom. She lives with my sister and spends her days listening to audio books. She lost her vision in 1998 to a drug interaction, and 9 years later, she lost her husband to cancer. Mom wondered if her story was over. But God proved she had more chapters to come, and even today is not the end of the story.

Questioning Jesus

Questioning Jesus

Have you attended a Sunday School class encouraging you to imagine what it would have been like to live in Jesus’ time? Teachers ask, was questioning Jesus okay? I didn’t really appreciate the purpose of the exercise. My imagination had a hard time getting past the thoughts of limited bathing and no deodor

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is a peculiar holiday. Men dressed in old-fashioned suits and odd hats pull a large, rat-looking creature from a box and hold him up before a crowd of cheering people. The creature reveals if we will experience more winter, or can expect an early spring.

Memories and Peace of Mind


On New Year’s Day, determined to promote my life of peace, I needed to take my advice and pack up the clutter. What seemed like an ordinary household task would challenge me to reconcile my memories and peace of mind. My crazy idea to clean out and rearrange resulted in a 2 by 8 foot […]


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