Book Club

Reading Pleasure For Yourself and With a Group

What is your reason for reading? Escape, relaxation, knowledge, or personal growth? Here are some ideas to make reading a Book Club event!

Personal Book club

Create a cozy corner retreat with comfy chair, warm throw, and fluffy pillows. Need a small table for your coffee cup, fun lamp, and notepad? Make it your happy place!

Maybe you would prefer a scheduled weekly trip to your local library or bookshop. The key is scheduled! Make it your time to relax, unwind, and pamper yourself, surrounded by books and quiet.

Group Book clubs

Do you like the idea of a book club? Meeting once a month to share ideas and thoughts on what you have read can provide connection, deepen friendships and support systems.

Make reading a part of your daily rituals. I like to start my day by reading devotionals. How about ending your day by a few minutes of reading in bed before lights out? Delight your imagination with the fresh images and insights you can get only in a good book!

Happy reading!