Christmas Parties

Group Gift Exchange Ideas

’Tis the season for parties! Let me start with a true story: Our church ladies were having their annual Chinese Christmas party. Two of us were chatting, and I commented on her cute sweater donning a decorated Christmas tree. Another lady walked up, dressed in a sweater that made her look like an elf. Looking at my friend, she said, “I thought this was an ugly sweater party! It looks like you did too!” The look on my friend’s face was priceless. Apologies were made and hurt feelings were avoided! If you decide to go the Ugly Christmas Sweater route, be sure everyone knows. 🤭 Here are a few other ideas for your next holiday party:

themed christmas parties

Chinese Christmas. Each person brings a gift. You may specify a homemade treat or food, a gift costing only $10 to $20, etc. Make up numbers on slips of paper according to the number of people taking part. Everyone draws a number. Number one chooses a gift and unwraps it. Number two can choose an unwrapped gift or taking a gift from another person. Proceeding in the manner, a wanted item is “stolen” up to two additional times, it remains “frozen” from being stolen again after the third person has taken it. Warning: this method of gift exchange can get rather heated! But it sure is fun. There is another gift exchange called Christmas Chaos. It is a little more complicated, involving gift rotations, but is also fun. See these instructions by using the link to my Pinterest boards below.

If schedules are too busy, offer an Afternoon Tea. You supply the tea service, offering an assortment of tea and sandwiches. Ask attendees to bring their favorite Christmas treat to share for dessert. This is a fun way to sample homemade goodies! Have Christmas decorated zipper bags ready and, at the end of the party, allow attendees to fill their bags with any leftovers of their favorites.

How about a relaxing evening of snack food, mocktails, and fellowship? If you have the time, everyone can leave with a gracious gift of homemade candy, cookies, or snack mix. I especially like the idea of wrapping empty mini-potato chip cans in gift wrap and stacking right-sized cookies inside. You can also find Christmas decorated cellophane bags that are easily filled with candy or that crunchy cereal snack mix. (My mother-in-law made this for us every year! When she passed away, I really missed it and have vowed to take up the tradition.)

Above all, Jesus is the reason for the season. May His Spirit of kindness and generosity be present in all your celebrations!