Comfort of Fellowship During Holidays

Offering the Comfort of Fellowship During Holidays for Your Church Family and Community

Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas can be difficult for many people. The elderly may have lost many of their friends or families, separated by miles, military service, or inability to travel. Offering the comfort of fellowship during holidays can be extremely helpful and, sometimes, life saving for these individuals. Even small families who may not have the resources to cook, but long to enjoy a traditional holiday meal, love to attend.

Hosting can be at the church or in someone’s home, depending on the number of participants. Perhaps if you have a large congregation, you can supply a Thanksgiving meal to the entire community. There is also the option of the church supplying the turkey and ham while participants bring their favorite side dish or dessert.

Someone can easily decorate tables with simple flowers, small pumpkins, or decorative finds from the dollar store. Using disposable serving ware saves time for cleanup.

This doesn’t have to take up your entire day. What if you hosted a group at lunch and then went home to spend the rest of the holiday with your family?

Explore this opportunity to be offer comforting fellowship to lonely individuals during the holidays, a time that can especially sad. Food and fellowship offered in the love of God are like a healing balm to the soul.