Easter is Celebrating the Gift of Christ

Easter is far more glorious than chocolate bunnies and colored eggs!

Jesus was in heaven, but God saw people needed help. God sent Jesus to be born a man to live a sin free life. Jesus was innocent, but took the blame for our sins against God, and paid the painful price of a bloody death. Jesus busted open the gates of hell and defeated death, with over 500 witnesses seeing Him alive. Returning to heaven, Jesus now prepares a place of eternal life for those who accept Him as their Lord.

That is a lot to wrap our minds around! So we need faith. But don’t we operate in faith every day? When driving at 60 miles an hour on the freeway, don’t we have faith other drivers won’t crash into us?

Take that step of faith with God. Accept Jesus and rejoice in the miraculous!

Your celebrations on that day can involve church service, getting together with family, an egg hunt in the yard with a picnic. Pick your favorite way to count your blessings.

Decorating for Easter is always fun, including those beautifully colored eggs and chocolate bunnies! 😊 Use egg cartons to display colorful tinfoil covered chocolate eggs, in nests made from moss or teacups. Spring flowers add to the color explosion as the stores are full of tulips and daffodils in pots or bouquets.

Meal ideas may include a salad bar with the traditional ham. Why not serve open-faced ham and boiled egg sandwiches? (A brilliant use for those colored eggs!) Maybe a brunch with frittatas and an assortment of muffins and sweet rolls?