Elderly Care

Nursing Home Support and Elderly Care

Reaching out to a local nursing home and helping with elderly care can be rewarding and encourages your children to get involved in their community. Many elderly people are lonely and forgotten, but you can lift their spirits with just a few hours of your time and effort. This can also be a significant addition to your church activities, especially for children’s church.

Contact the home you are interested in assisting and ask if there is a particular need. A few things I know are commonly welcome include:

Slip-proof socks. These can be made at home! Use the link below for my haveagather.com Pinterest boards to find the instructions.

Handmade cards and letters with encouraging messages. A few friends and I did this last year. Our letters and cards included hand lettering, rubber stamp decorations, stickers, colorful markers, and Bible verses. We called the home and asked how many residents they had and made enough for each person to receive a note. This was very popular!

Handmade gifts. If you sew, crochet, or knit, you can create stuffed animals, throw blankets, pillows, etc. Anything unexpected is delightful!

Volunteer to walk around and visit with people. Sometimes just a one-on-one conversation, maybe with a brief prayer sprinkled in, will brighten someone’s day.

Host a once a month Birthday celebration. Bring enough balloons for each person having a birthday that month to receive one. Serve cake and punch to everyone who attends. Our church also includes a little sing-a-long of older tunes everyone usually knows. Not a singer? The Happy Birthday song is enough.

May you receive blessings in your efforts by reaching out to our elderly!