Teaching Social Manners and Etiquette

Use dress-up or formal night to shake things up a bit. Teach and practice table manners, and the art of small talk with your kids. When I started attending dinner parties and traveling for work, I was thankful my parents had taught me table manners. No matter who I shared a table with, I never felt unprepared or uncomfortable.

Begin by creating invitations to the event.

Allow everyone to choose their own formal wear, serious or fun and goofy.

Set the table with your finest, adding flowers, candles, and stemware.

Pasta is always a pleasant choice for ease of preparation and nice presentation. Try to serve multiple courses so there is an opportunity to use all the proper silverware. Kid’s can practice how to interact with servers by selecting one parent to act as the server.

In addition, selecting different discussion topics allows the development of conversation skills.
Try an unexpected selection of background music, perhaps classical or rat-pack crooners.

In conclusion, after some practice at home, plan an evening out at a special restaurant to allow the kids to show off their etiquette skills!