Ice Cream Social

Perfect Summer Fellowship: Ice Cream Social!

Here is Texas it is waaaay too hot to host outside, but whether inside or out, an Ice Cream Social is the perfect summer fellowship! If this is a church event, use this as an opportunity to invite the neighborhood or community, not just your members.

Decide if you want to include a homemade ice cream competition in your social. Select judges or having voting boxes. Prepare to present the winner with a trophy or fancy ice cream scoop as their prize.

Rent a soft serve ice cream machine to make cones or simply dish out your favorites from cartons. Set up a table filled with mix-ins and sauces to create their own sundae. Supply cups with soda to make floats.

Offer bowls of fruit on hand for those that may not want ice cream. Also have lots of ice tea, lemonade, and chilled water on hand. If you can host outside, have a watermelon station and have a seed spitting contest! (Only recommended for the brave of heart and a good clean-up crew!)

Make the event bigger by renting a bouncy slip and slides for the kids. If you dare, offer water balloons!