Journals for Creative Pursuits

I have to admit, I like the idea of journals, but never really got into the traditional formats. Then I uncovered more creative options. In my local bookstore, I found an issue of Art Journal magazine, opening up a whole different way of thinking about journals. For instance, creative bullet, art and prayer options.

Journals that express your feelings with more than words:

  • Add drawings, sketches, or doodles to your pages.
  • Try a bullet journal, keeping track of, well, whatever you want to keep track of, the weather or your to-do list.
  • Prayer, recording prayers, answers, and related inspiration.
  • Thankfulness and gratitude, recording what you have and reminding yourself of your current blessings.
  • Create artful pages with ephemera collected on trips or a special event, or dreams of a remodeling project or a vacation destination.
  • Create a journal from something besides a lined notebook, like an old book, or make your own journal from beautiful, handpicked designer papers.

Try creating something new and different. You may surprise yourself or discover a hidden talent. Most of all, have fun expressing yourself with your journals!