Family Menu Planning

What’s for dinner?

Family menu planning can be a challenge. We can get in food ruts by eating the same things, ordering a lot of take-out, or grabbing what is quick and easy. (Ever had one of those cereal dinners?)

This is one way I really appreciate Pinterest. New recipes and meal planning tools are easy to find. After that, you can discover ways to save money and feed your family tasty meals.

Family Menu Planning Help is Here!

Above all, during the pandemic, I was stressed trying to come up with meals EVERY night. (Living in a tiny town offers limited take-out choices.) For instance, I made a Monthly Menu Plan and a list of Pantry Salads made from, you guessed it, pantry items. These PDFs are for you to download and print. Each bundle includes my original plan and a blank version you can fill in with your own preferences.

Get the Monthly Menu Bundle here.

Get the Pantry Salads Bundle here.

If your kids are older, share the dinner tasks! You may discover a future chef, or you will appreciate knowing they will have the skills to live on more that ramen noodles and peanut butter when they leave home!