New Year’s EVE

Enjoy New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve as a home event is more intimate and eliminates the worry of driving and dealing with sizeable crowds.

I love the idea of random clocks as a theme. Add lots of balloons and streamers. Serve Sparkling Cider as an alternative to champagne, or even Ginger Ale.

New Year’s Menu

Remember to keep the prep and serving easy so you can enjoy the party too. Charcuterie Boards are popular right now and there are many options. Get a prepared Deli tray from the store and transfer it to your presentation trays. What could be easier? Because of their popularity, many stores sell cubed meats and cheeses.

Find your perfect playlist on many streaming services. What about karaoke? You can get a bluetooth microphone for not much money on Amazon. Have a sing off and let people know in advance what song selections will be available so they could get a little rehearsal time!

Theme your party to a particular era and encourage dressing up. You could do a 70s theme with disco balls and serve fondue!