Picnics are the Perfect Casual Fellowship

Who doesn’t love a picnic and a beautiful spring or summer day? Picnics are perfect for families, a church fellowship, or a neighborhood event. Keep kids busy with outdoor play and parents can relax and visit.

Picnic Ideas:

Wrap cooked hot dogs in the bun in pieces of foil and place in a cooler to keep warm. This method steams them to perfection! Line hot dogs up on their ends in a crock pot on warm, super easy. Provide a table with all the toppings. Tortillas wraps are simple for large groups. Also, the old-fashioned French bread, cheese, and fruit.

Check with the local fried chicken place, many offer special deals for churches. Buy fried chicken, wings, and tenders and members can bring their favorite side or dessert. We use an alphabetical system, using the first letter in your last name, that ensures we don’t get a bunch of potato salad and no desserts. A-H brings sides, i-Q brings desserts R-Z brings chips and dips. The church also supplies iced tea, water, and lemonade. We make this an annual event and a family volunteers to host. You could also host at your home church, be sure to invite the local community as there is also more than enough food!

For a neighborhood event, get approval from the local police to close the street on your block. Invite the local fire department to bring their truck for the kids. Set up a few grills. See if a local grocery store will donate hamburgers, or collect money from each family for the meat. Have each family bring a salad, chips, and drinks to share. Be sure to invite the police to stay and visit, a great opportunity to get to know everyone!