Prayer Room or Prayer Board

Establish a Place of Prayer at Home or a Shared Congregational Ministry

Establishing a Prayer Room or Prayer Board at home or at your church has many benefits for faith building and personal growth. At church they can be helpful for visitors and your congregation. Choose a room that is private but easily accessible. Have Bibles available to give away. Decorate as you like and place chairs in sets of two. Staff, elders or deacons of the church, or volunteers can work the room. Try to have someone available both before and after services. Emphasize that this time is for prayer and not counseling, avoid too much detail or oversharing in conversations. The Holy Spirit knows what they need and it is possible to be supportive without being invasive and all up in their business. Church leadership will determine what training in necessary for the volunteers.

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Make Space for your Prayer room, prayer board, or war room

If you don’t have the space for a Prayer Room, how about a Prayer Board? Put up a large bulletin board accessible in the church. Fill a table nearby with cards, tags, or seasonal items to allow someone to write a prayer request on and pin to the board. Anonymously or with the name written on the back for church staff only to see. Each week, remove the cards to be prayed over by staff or volunteers and leave the board empty for the following week. If you like, add a box for more private prayer requests, or someone asking for a call from the staff.

Following this same concept you can have a Praise Report or Blessing Board where people can post the wonderful things God has done in their lives and how He has answered prayer. If you have the space, consider having a Prayer Board and Praise Board side-by-side.

You can establish a Prayer or War Room at home too. There are too many options to list here, from a quiet corner to a converted closet. Go to the Pinterest boards below to see these lovely spaces for prayer and reflection.