Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Love and Friendship

Valentine’s Day can be good for some and lonely for others. That is why “Galentine’s” Day has become so popular. Friends encourage each other with dinner and gifts.

Whatever way you celebrate, there a few fresh ideas out there.

Instead of the usual chocolate box, how about a box of colorful donuts! Bakeries are offering heart-shaped cupcakes that are decorated with sayings like the little candies. Chocolate-covered strawberries have been popular in the last few years.

Skip the store-bought card and write a personal letter. Letters for Valentine’s Day are a fantastic idea for a Nursing Home outreach.

Craft the perfect Valentine’s Day

At home, have a crafting day where each person can create their own shoe box “mailbox” and make cards for each other. They can post their valentines in each box and at a special dinner, go around the table as everyone opens their box and shares their valentines.

Take advantage of this holiday to voice your unconditional love for friends and family!