Winter Party

Fireside Soup and Hot Chocolate, ahhh, Winter Party Perfection!

Have a Winter Party! No pressure of gift giving like Christmas. Just a cozy time with friends or family to enjoy each other’s company.

Get that fireplace going, heat some warm stew or chili in the crock pot, warm bread and cookies, offer mugs full of hot chocolate, coffee, and chia tea.

Decorate with garlands made from mittens. Populate the floor with lots of throw pillows and blankets. How about a deck of playing cards or Uno?

Plan a day to go out to the country and enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Perhaps you enjoy skiing? Have you tried cross-county skiing? Maybe just a snowy hike or be brave and break out the ice skates or sleds! Boy, could I tell you a story about my mom and sledding on an innertube! (Well, maybe another time.) Pack all those warm foods in a collection of thermos bottles.

Had a fantastic snow? Host a snowman building competition in the neighborhood. Slide over to my Pinterest boards using the link below, to see really clever snow creations that go beyond the three-ball snowman.

Enjoy the beauty and cozy comfort of winter!